30 September 2014

Weight Loss Goals: 5 Things I Want to Do When I Lose Weight

Everybody has goals, aspirations or whatever to get up at certain time. Perhaps you are unable to meet your business goals or fulfill your dream-house fantasy because of obstacles in your cash flow cycle, you always have options like Kabbage, who provide small business loans, to turn to in order to get your funds faster.

But reaching weight loss goals is different, you don't need to spend a lot of money. Even if you spend a lot of money on weight loss program, pills, exercise equipment, or meal replacement nothing works if you don't put effort into it.

I have a goal.

I have a goal that one day I will lose weight and have that dream body.

Nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels. Imagine pulling off a body hugging dress without holding your breath. Imagine slipping confidently, easily, and joyfully into those skinny jeans without struggling. Imagine bending over comfortably to tie your shoes. Imagine climbing two flights of stairs but never feel short of breath. Imagine stepping on the scale and read it by just looking down, straight down. And that you know your children are not embarrassed about the way you look.

Sticking together through thick and thin: A weight loss buddy can provide companionship, and positive encouragement and help you stick to your weight loss goals.

I share my hopes and dreams with my weight loss buddy. I wrote these 30 day letters to inspire her. She, on the other hand is my great aid to motivation, someone that makes me accountable for my weight loss goals.

We know that we are not deemed to be FAT forever. 

Dreams and goals can really inspire you. We imagine our dream body. We imagine what it would feel like to experience the dreams we want to have.

Here are 5 things we want to do when we lose weight.

1. Fit into smaller clothes

Ajinmend: I will dig into my old clothes. Finally fitting into those small clothes. Yay!
Honeybee: Very cool! I think my old clothes kinda outdated. I will go shopping for clothes online and the best thing about this is have to worry not about the dress sizes anymore.

2. I want to do a photoshoot

Ajinmend: I want to celebrate this victory by taking wedding anniversary photoshoot. Imagine wearing that princessy dress and show off your tiny waistline.
Honeybee: And flat stomach.
Ajinmend: And nobody will ever asking you if you're pregnant when you're not.
Honeybee: Awkward, right. We get asked that question big time. As for me, I want to take a decent family photoshoot and pose freely. I mean I will never need to hide behind my kids anymore to hide my embarrassing body shape. Non scale victory!

3. Talk back to your critic

Ajinmend: For those who dared to say "you never lose weight" this is the sweetest revenge. I will proudly flaunt my new body makeover.
Honeybee: Make them regret. Imagine you meet someone you haven't seen for ages. Imagine the stunned look on her face when she sees your "new image."

4. Show-off "Before" and "After" Picture on media social
Think yourself thin with the FaceinHole app: Had been overweight for years, we can't even remember 
us being at our ideal weight. 
Honeybee: I used to post other people before-and-after-weight-loss picture on my Instagram. Now it's my turn.
Ajinmend: You want fame. Gah!
Honeybee: Hell, no!! Haha...I am not focusing on personal glory. I simply want to inspire people. Inspiring others isn't easy. But we all have the ability to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say 'because of you, I didn't give up.' Inspiration is one of the greatest gifts we can give anyone. When you inspire others, you give them hope. We give them life.
Ajinmend: Absolutely. I want to do the same thing. Success should be celebrated, not condemned.

5. Expanding family

Ajinmend: I have been putting my life on hold because of my weight. I would like to get pregnant and expand our family but I can't until I lose some weight.
Honeybee: Oh, that's also one of my bucket list item of things I want to do when I lose weight. We want a healthy pregnancy, right? Getting pregnant when you are obese or overweight increase your chances of miscarriage, birth defects, and pregnancy complications. We don't want to take this risks.
Ajinmend: But sometimes people just can't understand why you want to lose weight if you plan to get pregnant. People mindset was like you will gain weight during pregnancy. So why going through all the hardships to lose weight. People was like... you can lose weight after you have a baby. But I want to be at my healthy weight for my next pregnancy. I want to stay fit and strong.

It's your turn now:
What's on your bucket list? What things you want to do when you lose weight or when you reach your goal weight?

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  1. These are awesome! My motivation for losing weight is to be strong. I want to pick up my kids and do lawn work without feeling like I'm going to die. I want to be able to run without stopping for 40 straight minutes. I want to be able to climb stairs like a stairmaster! Strength for me is the way to be! :)

  2. Hi @Jennifer Ludwigsen. Thanks for sharing what motivates you. Kind words like you is what helps lifts my spirits up when I feel less motivated in this weight loss journey. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing you in your photoshoot! You will get there, don't worry. When I reach my ideal weight, I want to become a fitness instructor/or personal trainer.


  4. Thanks @Kiarna Lewis. So nice of you for saying that. I can't wait to become an after.

  5. To have faster improvement, try reducing the intake of carbs for about 80 grams a day and surely weight loss will follow. The disadvantage of undergoing low carb diet is when you stop taking heed on the diet, the weight will return faster than its usual speed. That’s why plans that only reduce carbs in a little bit is suggested such as the Paleo diet.
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  6. Great tips of reducing weight and i want to know the effects of alcohol.


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