19 January 2015

3 Precious Lessons I've Learned on My Weight Loss Journey

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Happy New Year 2015, everyone! I wish that all your wishes are fulfilled this year. I know it's a bit too late to wish a New Year, but still its better late than never. I've been on a blogging break last month. I actually had no intentions of taking such a long break. I find myself so off focus lately. But here I am...I am back!
Weight Loss Lesson Learned
We all know that January is always synonym with a time for fresh beginnings and with that spirit I'm looking forward to get a fresh start, bloggingwise and dietwise. Yes..this weight loss struggle is like a never ending journey for me. I haven't lose any weight last year. Trying to be positive, I see this failure as part of life. You try, you fail. You try, you fail. But if you don't fail you don't learn. If you don't learn, you'll never change. The real failure I believe is when you stop trying.

These are 3 precious lessons I've learned on my weight loss journey.

1. Quick weight loss products are usually just gimmicks

On the fresh New Year of 2012 I wrote about sauna belt. That was two years after I had my second child. I have been trying to use this method on and off back then to lose weight. I share how to use it properly, and this post is actually more like giving a note to myself.

I stopped using sauna belt because it cause heat sores on my abdomen. I tried wearing it with light clothing underneath when the blisters go away but you know, when I didn't see immediate result I find the weight loss plan can be tricky to stick with. Weight loss aids like sauna slim belt, the ionic foot detox, wearing a patch, etc don't always help with motivating weight loss. It's not a diet or focusing on how to lose weight, it's a lifestyle! Change your bad eating behaviour, adapt an active lifestyle, practice healthy mindset and you are one step ahead to success. But again you know it's always easier said than done, huh?

2. Losing weight is not an overnight success, you need to have the discipline and the determination!

The following New Year of 2013 I tried another fresh start with Post-Christmas Detox Plan. But detoxify for a week and went on an eating spree for the next 50 weeks in the year won't help your weight loss effort at all. I know. But developing self discipline, self control in weight loss require hard work. I may have failed in that area.

3. Stop making excuses, make a strong commitment before beginning a weight loss plan

Despite failure after failure, I became inspired more than ever to to start 2014 anew and posted some inspirational words of wisdom to motivate me. I did lose a few kilos during that first 3 months but only to gain double of what I've lost before the year ended. See, losing 5 kg in 5 weeks doesn't mean anything. You have your entire life to be healthy and happy. I learned that to lose weight and keep it off you need to adapt a healthy living. And healthy living is a long-term commitment.
Weight Loss Lesson Learned

Let's recap, what's the most important life lesson you learned in 2014? Share in the comments.
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