10 July 2015

A Really Really Embarrassing Moments Get My Diet Back On Track

Have you ever been stuck on the Tomorrow Diet? Well, that what was happened with my Oatmeal Fast plan.

I wanted to blog about my journey doing this oatmeal fast, but I don't want to write anything yet until I pass the critical day 10. I always eating on autopilot. I snack while I'm cooking. I am constantly tasting what I am preparing. I always feel the need to open the fridge and munch on something every time I literally pass it. I repeatedly raids the fridge and cupboards although I'm not hungry. When I find myself binging on large portions, exercise is the last thing on my mind. I can't work any harder than anyone else and I felt that it is impossible to burn all the calories I have eaten. So in my opinion exercise is pointless for me.

I am actually ready to just give up on trying to lose weight when this embarrassing incident happened to me.

I will never forget June 1. Ever. 

It was school holiday and we spent the week at my in-law. He lives in a rural livelihood, where they still use squat and pail flush toilet. Whenever we came to visit I'll make sure to colon cleanse the day before and limit my food intake so that during our stay there I don't have to get up to do heavy business in the toilet. I didn't mean to be rude but I feel a bit uncomfortable using the toilet, and  toilet is also outside the house. I am scared to go to the toilet at night. Not just at my in-law actually, I absolutely hate to poop somewhere that isn't my own home. This is my strongest anxiety about travelling.

Back to the story, I usually very particular with what I ate when I am on the go. I avoid spicy food and make sure not to overeat but I don't know why at that time I ate totally mindlessly like I don't care. And my biggest fear came upon me. We were planning to leave the next day but then I get a sudden urge to go to the toilet to poop. This may sound ridiculous, but I plan to hold it in until tomorrow. Unfortunately...at one point I can't hold it in any longer.

I rushed to the toilet. I took some time to got water from the pipe nearby (I grew up in a culture where water is used after using the toilet) then after that rushed in to fix the toilet's broken key before I can get down to do my business. In the middle of the "chaos" I suddenly heard a loud sound PRAAAK!!! and out of nowhere I found myself already in a sitting position on the floor with one of my leg hanging inside a hole. Took me a few second to process and realized what just happened. I just had a misstep on the toilet and broke it. Imagine human waste down there, my foot may have touched...so disgusting! YUCCKK!

The falling: Sorry if this picture makes you uncomfortable (^_-)v
I knew that when people first heard about it, the most common response is... Fat woman breaks toilet. My sister in-law laugh herself to death when I ran to report her this. I'm shocked, the urge to poop is completely gone. Now with egg on my face for breaking a toilet and being laughed at, I had to face my father in-law to tell him what happened. I actually want to keep it silence but it could be more embarrassing if I do. From that moment, I promise myself, promise to my husband I never want to set my foot in his hometown anymore, not anymore until I lose a significant weight. That's a vow.

I am waiting, finding too much time to lose weight all this while. I know I wanted it but can't set my mind to just do it. I know I have to start somewhere but don't know where to start. I remember about this story I read from a local magazine about this boy who is overweight. He knew he must lose weight but did't have the motivation to start until he diagnose with diabetes. It was a big wake up call for him but he kept procrastinating his plan to lose weight until at one point he had one of his leg amputated due to diabetes. Too sad. I learnt a very important lesson from his story. It's never too late to lose weight but don't wait until it's too late. Don't wait until there's tragedy in your life.

Weight loss quotes: Don't be stuck. If you don't like your situation, change it.

With the belief that it's not too late to start again, I start today and throughout this whole weekend, I will ban sugary drinks. That's for a start. Sound like a small step but I believe promise a huge result. 1 day without sugary drink, how much calorie you can save? Imagine 21 days.

Sometimes you just know that it's time to start a new chapter of your life. How do you start over and have the life you want? 

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  1. Those are very helpful information.
    My weight is now 5 kg less than before as I could keep myself away from Unhealthy fast food finding some recipes which are not only healthy to loss weight but also tasty at:-

    1. Hi Heavenly Pixy,
      We all knew fast food is not only fattening but it's a huge contributor to the massive health decline. I still eat fast food once in a while but most of time I try to avoid and pick real, healthy and whole food instead. Thanks for stopping by. Nice to know you.

  2. Aw, I feel for you but some day you'll be able to look back at the incident and laugh (I hope lol). Cutting out calories in drinks is a big step in the right direction! One of the first things I did when I started my weight loss phase was to switch from regular Coke, to diet Coke. I did the math and I was drinking almost 500 calories a day just in regular soda! Now, two years into maintenance I still save my calories for food, with the exception of a small amount of real sugar in my tea :) Small changes really do add up to big results!

    1. Hi Sara,
      Haha...I promise I must lose weight or I can't go back for Christmas. I don't really like soda. My biggest weakness is 3-in-1 instant coffee. This is one unhealthy diet I still try to change. Thanks for commenting.

  3. i used this method and now i am so happy with my weight.
    3 Weeks Diet

    1. Hi Genesis Moreno,
      Thanks for stopping by. Glad to know you.

  4. FIGHTING! I was used to be an obese girl as well!

    1. Hi Wonder Queen,
      Thanks. You're so nice!


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