31 August 2015

Weight Loss Chat: Why You Should Stop Doing Cheat Meals

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I haven't been updating this blog for many many weeks. Let's just assume I have had blogging block. I have yet to find my blogging mojo but I think I better just type along to to get over the block and get back to blogging.
I don't remember in which post did I mention that I've gain somewhere around 83 kg and since then I have stop weighing myself. I am afraid of any possible bad news. What if I surpass that 83 kg mark? Going 85? 90? Touch wood. What a shame. I've been trying to lose the baby weight since I gave birth to my second child 5 years ago, and till now I'm still trying! It's encouraging to read those amazing weight loss stories on the net, how fat people started their weight loss journey 1 year ago and have lost weight today, getting fitter than ever. But part of me feels a bit disappointed for my poor progress.

Weight loss failure. Is it because I cheat on my diet too much? I used to believe in cheat days, cheat meals...to keep you sane and happy while dieting. But come to think of it, cheat meals may have gets in my way, way too much that my focus get distracted and a healthier lifestyle gets pushed aside. I read a worth reading article on Authority Nutrition about why you should stop doing cheat meals. Here I'm going to talk about those few points from the article that I can relate to.

Why You Should Stop Doing Cheat Meals

1. Because Cheat Meals Can Feed The Addiction
For some people, moderation is the key to diet success. But not in my case. When I give into food cravings—once I start, I just can't stop. I want more and more, more than I want to. Giving into these cravings will just make the cravings even stronger. The only way to fight cravings and beat the addiction is by avoiding these foods COMPLETELY, period.

2. Because You Might Binge and Eat Way Too Much
My cheat meals often turns into binge eating. Worst of all, one cheat meal become cheat days, and then cheat week. The dark side of cheat meals.

3. Because Cheat Meals Make You Feel Guilty Afterwards
After a binge, I used to feel bad, guilty and sad about the out-of-control eating. Negative emotions can affect your health. The food that might comfort you for a moment, now making you feel guilty, miserable, anxious, depressed or low on self-worth. Such shame leads to more bingeing and sets off a cycle that’s hard to break.

August is officially over. I've been eating so well these past week, not because I want to but because I had to. My husband quit his job and join a new company recently. He is being stationed to this new work place which is miles away from us. Switching school is not easy in the middle of the year, so the kids and I have no option but to patiently wait to reunite with the father only on weekend. And sometimes once in two week when we are short of cash. Since the daddy is not around, we are no longer hang out outside a lot like we used to be. The kids and I have not been eating out lately. I don't even remember the last time I grabbed junk foods. I make sure to always get healthy food in stock for a week because I am too lazy to grocery shopping every two or three days. And even though I am poor at meal planning I had to do it to save money. All this changes resulting in 5 kg weight loss - when I weighed myself last week.
I am feeling hopeful. My SEPTEMBER NO CHEAT CHALLENGE start today. No sodas, alcohol, fried, processed foods! I can't promise myself to be perfect but I'll try my best.

Let's talk:
  • Do you cheat on your diet? Is it OK for you?
  • How do you enjoy your cheat meals?
  • What do you do after cheat on your diet? 
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