13 April 2016

Day 13: 3 Simple Ways to Eliminate Processed Foods for Weight Loss

Day 13 Slim Down Challenge. 13 days has passed so quickly!  I'm so happy today that I finally push myself out from my comfort zone. I start working out again after a long break. Actually the first real workout I did this year. Remember I mentioned last time that we moved to a new place because of my husband's job. We have been living here for 5 months but I just discovered a walking park yesterday. I'm actually looking for some fun outdoor activities for the kids and this is how we found out about this park. Who knows, exercising together as a family is a great bonding experience.

Today's slim down challenge is about nixing the processed food. Processed foods are basically food that has been altered from its natural state like canned and frozen fruits and vegetables. Breakfast cereals and instant noodles are another prime example of processed foods fall under junk food category. To be honest, these two tops my meal option list. We all know it. Processed foods are usually high in sugar and contain all sort of artificial ingredient. Excess consume of sugar is seriously harmful to our health and can block our weight loss goals. But when you have nothing in the fridge, it's very easy to reach one.
Weight loss: Slim Down Challenge
30 Day Slim Down Challenge


Day 1 - Put the blame
Day 2 - Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
Day 3 - Ditched added sugar
Day 4 - Avoid refined carbs
Day 5 - Put down the drink
Day 6 - Plan 1 splurge
Day 7 - Allow spontaneous indulgence
Day 8 - Keep grains in check
Day 9 - Eat only when hungry
Day 10 - Go for a walk
Day 11 - Never skip breakfast
Day 12 - Say NO to junkfood
Day 13 - Nix processed foods
Day 14 - Shop for whole foods
Day 15 - Meal prep
Day 16 - Reorganize your fridge
Day 17 - Keep a food journal Day
18 - Ramp up protein intake
Day 19 - Veggies / fruit on every plate
Day 20 - Know your healthy fats
Day 21 - Keep portions in check
Day 22 - Track total calories
Day 23 - Eat at the table
Day 24 - Eliminate distraction
Day 25 - Slow down
Day 26 - Downsize dinnerware
Day 27 - Bust out the scale
Day 28 - Reduce sodium
Day 29 - Sleep 7+ hours
Day 30 - Cut 100 calories 

What exactly you can do to eliminate processed foods for weight loss? 
Slim Down Weight Loss Challenge
Ok, I pick these three tips I found on wikihow, am excited to see what happen in the next 2 weeks if I cut out processed foods from my diet.

1 - Write up a meal plan
I think this is a very important part. Proper meal planning will help us ensure the meals meet our nutritional need. We might be tempted to grab fast foods if we don't plan our on-the-go meals ahead of time.

2 - Clean up our kitchen
Go through our kitchen and throw out any processed foods we can find,  Read the ingredient label on the packaged foods to get information about what's in the food, any additives, preservatives or flavorings.

3 - Purchase and eat whole fruits and vegetables
Restock our kitchen with healthy foods. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas, or tomatoes. Fruits and vegetables are nutritious foods that contain essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Avoid highly processed fruits and vegetables like canned fruit in syrup.

Your turn: What's the one processed food you can't live without?

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  1. I love this plan! It really agrees with my OCD!!! Day by day. Small steps. Love it!

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